Rhythmic Intelligence of a Woman

Have you ever heard the words; "act like a woman and you will be a success". No,  I have not either. 
The trend that I see is for a woman to act like a man, if she wants success. Yet the true capacity of a woman is creative by nature.The resilience of a woman is underutilized and it is rare to find a woman that has the training to rule through Bhakti. Bhakti is devotion and a quality that can deliver us to a very feminine level of mastery called Shakti. 

In the classic pantheon of Asian cultures the Sword is always feminine.
So let's explore how we can utilize our capacity of sweetness and devotion with the clarity and sharpness of a sword. 

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Our Mission

Recall the Bob Dylan classic, The times they are a-changin'? 
Well sure enough, what was normal a year ago, is now quite different. Like most people, you may be waiting for life to return to "normal". 
I've been meditating on this daily and my conclusion is that life will never be the same. The lesson to learn is that we can only change ourselves. 
How, you may ask?

The following is what came through in my meditation:

Create a methodical and joyful practice to recalibrate thoughts and reactions. This way life goes with the flow in our new reality and from it - birth a whole new inner and outer world.

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Key Ingredients

Oak Bark, Sandalwood & Hibiscus

Rhythmic Intelligence of a Woman

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