Learn to Play Harmonium

Imagine accompanying yourself for your own meditations at home or sharing music with your students. 

Learn to play 3 simple chants/meditations for your yoga class. Even if you are not a Kundalini Yoga teacher you will find these chants very powerful meditational experiences for your students and loved ones.

Satkirin teaches Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful chant; Magic Mantra (Ek Ong Kaar Sat Guru Prasad), and Guru Ram Das chant.

This is a beginners class and everyone is welcomed. This will be the first class of many more to come.



Becoming the New You

This course will give you the precious opportunity to remove phobias and fears and delve safely into your true nature as a creative and powerful person of God. 
This beautiful process is done through practicing sound patterns, singing, chanting, meditation and self-reflective journaling. 
The experience will allow you to rewrite your past and carve out a clear pathway to happiness, balance and clarity.
Yes, the outside world is unpredictable and you can consciously create your new 
world while the times' go on a-changin'



Rhythmic Intelligence of a Woman

Have you ever heard the words; "act like a woman and you will be a success". No,  I have not either. 
The trend that I see is for a woman to act like a man, if she wants success. Yet the true capacity of a woman is creative by nature.The resilience of a woman is underutilized and it is rare to find a woman that has the training to rule through Bhakti. Bhakti is devotion and a quality that can deliver us to a very feminine level of mastery called Shakti. 
In the classic pantheon of Asian cultures the Sword is always feminine.
So let's explore how we can utilize our capacity of sweetness and devotion with the clarity and sharpness of a sword. 



Reach your vocal mastery - Kauri Kriya

If you love singing, teaching, meditating or just clearly communicating, Satkirin and the staff at Naad Academy offers you this training to help you accomplish these goals.

This is a professional training course on power of you voice based on study of Kauri Kriya approved by KRI

  • 6 instructional video files including vocal warm ups
  • 2 Kauri Kriya music tracks (one of A# and one in sliding scale)
  • beautifully designed brochure that explains the mantra, how to use it along with Yogi Bhajan quotes
  • Kauri Kriya diagram chart to use with meditation and classes



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