Becoming the New You - A Sound Healing Journey

This course will give you the precious opportunity to remove phobias and fears and delve safely into your true nature as a creative and powerful person of God. 
This beautiful process is done through practicing sound patterns, singing, chanting, meditation and self-reflective journaling. 
The experience will allow you to rewrite your past and carve out a clear pathway to happiness, balance and clarity.
Yes, the outside world is unpredictable and you can consciously create your new 
world while the times' go on a-changin'. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

Available for Independent Study


$ 85

Becoming the New You

  • tuning into your unique singing voice for effective use of transformative sound patterns
  • we will practice - 2 meditations, and a yoga kriya
  • Shabad  we will use for visualization is the Mother's Prayer
  • Journaling to secure the vision of the 'new you' 
  • Daily homework commitment will run about 60 minutes of yoga and singing meditation and journaling
  •  Attending the master class with the group is the best option

Tuition $85

Our Mission

Recall the Bob Dylan classic, The times they are a-changin'? 
Well sure enough, what was normal a year ago, is now quite different. Like most people, you may be waiting for life to return to "normal". 
I've been meditating on this daily and my conclusion is that life will never be the same. The lesson to learn is that we can only change ourselves. 
How, you may ask?

The following is what came through in my meditation:

Create a methodical and joyful practice to recalibrate thoughts and reactions. This way life goes with the flow in our new reality and from it - birth a whole new inner and outer world.

Fragrance Family


Key Ingredients

Oak Bark, Sandalwood & Hibiscus

Music tracks we will be working with:

Available from music store


Track #2. Guru Deva - Expand Your Capacity
Track #4. Wahe Guru - Expand Your Capacity


Track #1 Amrit Peevaho - Power of a Mother's Prayer


full album: Kriya for Intuitive Projection

Becoming the New You - A Sound Healing Journey

March 6th, March 13th, March 20th

11:30 am - 1:30 pm (New York Time)


$ 85

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